Automotive A/C and Heating Service

Sitting in traffic is bad enough, not having air conditioning or heat just makes things worse. In summer time everyone wants fresh cool air in their face, not warm muggy air tainted by the smells of exhaust fumes from other cars. And in the winter you gotta have heat. Your air conditioner even plays a role in the winter time. The defroster uses the A/C to rid the interior of humidity which causes your windows to fog up. Keeping the engines cooling system serviced will help prevent the build up of sludge which can stop up your heater core, and annual inspection of your air conditioner for leaks will give you the most life out of your cars’ climate control. Last but not least, replace the cabin filter as recommended. Once a year or every 15000 miles is the correct service interval for most. This filter is not unlike your home’s furnace filter. It catches all the dirt particles from the outside and if clogged up it will degrade the performance of the heating / A/C system.

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