Ignoring that ABS light on your dash? During spring and summer road conditions aren’t a problem in most situations. Good drivers give enough distance that panic stops are not that common place. With the fall and winter seasons you will want your ABS to function as properly. There doesn’t have to be snow and ice on the road to find a ‘need’ for anti-lock brakes, the combination of wet leaves and daylight savings times can make the commute just as dangerous. That all familiar street corner you pass by twice a day will now be dark in the evenings where joggers or pedestrians may be crossing.

If your ABS light is on then the system will not engage properly or reliably. The ABS Control Module will in many cases shut down the system and on some cars that includes the Traction Control as well.

Before your car ends up at the local body shop you’d be wise to have your ANTI-LOCK Brakes checked.

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