Audi Maintenance

Audi Maintenance
Viking Automotive Chantilly VA – Your First Stop for Audi Repair and Maintenance

Viking Automotive is a full service, foreign auto repair & maintenance facility and we are the best choice for repair & maintenance on your Audi vehicle. Started in September 1985, we are family owned and operated; taking pride in our workmanship & ethics.

We have served Chantilly, Centreville, Herndon, Fairfax, South Riding and Ashburn, VA for over 25 years. Please let us know what issues your Audi has, along with any other concerns and we will be happy to help. Just call (703) 817-0650.

Our Specialties include: AC/Heating, Check Engine Light, Diagnosis, Muffler & Exhaust, Oil Change & Lube, Scheduled Maintenance, Service & Repair, Timing Belts, Transmission Repair.

Audi is one of Germany’s oldest-established automobile manufacturers. Since 1932, Audi continues to supply the widest range of passenger vehicles that German industry could offer. Today, it is known as a manufacturer of exquisite cars – attractive, sophisticated and technically perfect.

If you own one of Audi’s line up of luxury cars, there may come a point that your car will have some wears and tears thus requiring certain repairs. This is especially true when met with an accident or any mechanical problem. It is important to consider Audi repair service from a reputable auto repair shop. This way, you will be able to receive the best car repair service you need at a most reasonable rate possible.

Viking Automotive can assist you with Audi repairs. Viking Automotive is a trustworthy and reliable independent Audi repair and maintenance shop that specializes in service and repair of all Audi makes and models. We have ASE-certified, trained, and experienced mechanics to provide all factory-scheduled services. As the premier resource for full-service repair, we offer quality work and fair prices for all of our customers.

Did you notice that your Audi is lacking the power it used to have? Does it idle roughly, miss, hesitate or buck? Is your Audi’s exhaust eliminating a foul odor? Is the check engine light on? All these are indications that your Audi requires some diagnostic checkup. Most modern cars require a complete diagnostic checkup only every 50,000 to 100,000 miles but if you drive hard or your car is a bit older, your Audi may need a diagnostic checkup more often.

Tuning up your Audi involves changing your Audi’s oil and filter every 5,000 miles. It is important to keep the oil clean to keep your Audi running smooth and powerful for a long time while minimizing premature engine wear. If your car is failing state emissions requirements because of a foul smelling exhaust that emits a dark smoke, the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor must be replaced.

Brake repairs are critical to the safety of your family. For that purpose, brake rotors for your Audi are built thick to save weight so; this means they can’t be turned as they must be replaced when they become inefficient. Apart from the brake rotors, the whole brake system including brake pads, brake drums and brake shoes must also be inspected and be replaced if defects are seen.

Your Audi’s cooling function performs a critical function in maintaining proper engine temperature. It has three main components: the water pump which pressurizes and circulates the coolant; the piping function which is consists of all hoses, control valves, heater core and the expansion tank; and third is the temperature control function made up of all coolant temperature sensors, thermostat and radiator. All these need replacements when there are certain defects are seen such as leakage, wear or tear. An overheated engine can cause irrevocable damage to the engine in only a few minutes.

Keep the entirety of your Audi properly fixed and maintained with Viking Automotive!

So, the next time your car or truck cries out for attention, bring it to Viking Automotive Foreign Auto Repair Experts in Chantilly, VA. Please call us at (703)817-0650 today!