Automotive Cooling System

Take a look at your cars antifreeze, is it clean? Does it look muddy? When was the last time you had the radiator flushed? Keeping the radiator fluid clean helps fight corrosion. There is no filter in your radiator. As the cooling system ages corrosion starts to build up. That makes the fluid look murky and makes your once clear coolant reservoir now look muddy. Flushing, or replacing your antifreeze every 2 years or 30,000 miles will extend the life of the radiator, heater core, water pump, and thermostat. When corrosion is allowed to build up it can eat away at seals and even clog the radiator or heater core. It can cause the thermostat to stick which can lead to overheating and that strains all the seals in your cooling system. When your car overheats that builds up pressure. The combination of excess heat and pressure makes all those plastic components brittle and they can accumulate stress cracks. Eventually those parts too will fail. Radiators, thermostat housings, and even some hoses are now made with plastic. Lets not forget the water pump, it depends on the engine coolant to keep it lubricated and if the fluid is dirty it can cause the water pump to leak or even wear away the impeller that pushes the antifreeze thru the car. With winter coming you need to make sure your antifreeze is in good condition.

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