BMW Preventive Maintenance Experts in Chantilly, VA

BMW Repair

The best thing you can do to extend the life of any car is to practice preventative maintenance and this is equally true of any BMW. The BMW maintenance system the company has worked tirelessly to perfect gives BMW owners and BMW preventative maintenance providers in the Chantilly, VA area excellent feedback as to issues going on under the hood as well as guidelines for BMW preventative maintenance schedules. The system aims to indicate when a number of BMW preventative maintenance services are needed based on individual driving habits. Your car will continually monitor itself and alert you through the service interval light system. Paying close attention to these warnings will maximize vehicle safety and reliability, as well as reduce expensive breakdowns from normal wear and tear.

At Viking Automotive, we cannot stress the importance of routine BMW maintenance enough. Whether your BMW is new, old, or in between, you will significantly reduce major repairs and their frequency by heeding the indicator lights for service in your car. It is also wise to schedule appointments early rather than trying to push the service window to extremes. Along with better functionality for your car and reduced expenditure on costly repair, thorough and regular BMW preventative maintenance provides the peace of mind that your car is in the best shape possible, that it will be safe for your family, that potential problems will be identified before you even notice reduced drivability.

Types of BMW maintenance which we consider standard are widespread. Through the use of advanced diagnostic tools, we routinely perform oil services that include an oil change, fluid inspections and replacements, filter monitoring and replacement as needed, tire pressure and tread checks. It is also important to have regular tune-ups performed by your certified BMW technician. We perform hundreds of safety checks every year to identify any potential problems before they become severe. Further BMW preventative maintenance is available in the form of muffler and exhaust system service. While any service person can perform these maintenance tasks on a standard vehicle, it is imperative that a certified and fully trained BMW service professional undertake any work on your BMW. They are performance vehicles which require quality BMW parts and dependable BMW repair specialists.

Our service professionals are experts who care about BMW’s and their owners and want everyone to experience the best from their luxury car as possible. You value excellence and performance and should get it. Let us help be sure that you do. Call us today.