Brakes Repair Experts in Chantilly, VA


Are you concerned that you may need brake service? Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA can help you diagnose, repair, and replace any malfunctioning part of your brake system.

There are a few indicators to look and listen for when you suspect your brakes need repair or replacement:

  • Dashboard indicator lights – either amber (ABS) or red
  • Wheel pulling to left or right when braking
  • Noises when braking such as grating, grinding, or squealing
  • A difference in the feel of pushing the brake pedal such as a spongy feeling
  • The brake pedal is reaching closer to the floor than usual

If your brakes are suffering from any of these symptoms, bring your car into Viking Automotive so we can diagnose any possible problems. Your safety is important and it is always better to know than to guess when your vehicle is not behaving normally.

When you come in for a diagnostic survey of your brakes, we will do an inspection and then give you an estimate of the work to be done.

Did you know that brake service can save you costly repairs?
The system that works to stop your car is more complicated than you may imagine. Pressing on the brake pedal creates leverage that passes on to the power booster that then transfers that energy to the master cylinder which engages either a hydraulic pump or engine vacuum to send brake fluid through a series of lines, hoses, and valves to either wheel cylinders or hydraulic calipers, depending on what type of brakes you have.

This system contains a lot of parts. Maintaining some key parts of your brake system such as pads, shoes, and brake fluid, can help you keep the whole thing running smoothly so that you avoid very expensive repairs.

Proactive maintenance is key to vehicle performance and safety. Call Viking Auto today and schedule a diagnostic check or maintenance services for your brake system.