Car Battery Replacement Services In Chantilly, VA

Car Battery Replacement Services

Has your battery gone dead, or do you think it might soon? Bring it into Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA and will we will replace or diagnose it and get your vehicle back in proper working order.

Your car’s battery plays an important role in the functioning of more than just your lights and radio. It powers the starter, ignition, and fuel system and stores energy for use when your engine isn’t running.

Don’t wait until your battery is dead to drive it in for a check up at Viking Automotive. We can run a quick test on your battery and charging components to determine if your battery is still working well or if it will need to be changed soon. We’ll also clean the terminals and inspect your battery cables and terminal posts to make sure they aren’t keeping your battery from doing its job. It’s better to know and take care of potential issues rather than wait and have the battery die, leaving you stranded.

Call Viking Automotive now to schedule battery replacement or bring your vehicle in for a preventative test that gives you peace of mind.