Diesel Engine Repair Experts In Chantilly, VA

Diesel Engine Repair

Repairing diesel engines requires expert knowledge like that of the professionals at Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA.

Diesel engines differ from gasoline engines and require different standards of maintenance and repair. For instance, because diesel engines ignite fuel through their own compression rather than pistons and spark plugs, they use glow plugs. Glow plugs are designed to work in the coldest weather and as such, heat up much faster and much hotter than spark plugs.

Because they work differently than gasoline engines, diesel engines are naturally noisier. This can make diagnostics for a non-diesel mechanic much more difficult.

However, bring your car into Viking Automotive if you notice any of these indications that maintenance is needed:

  • Engine is difficult to start
  • RPMs are low
  • Your owner’s manual suggests that your current mileage requires service

If your diesel engine needs maintenance or is in need of repair, call Viking Automotive for expert diesel engine repair and maintenance you can rely on.