Engine Repair Experts In Chantilly, VA

Engine Repair

Your vehicle, and especially your engine, is a system of interconnected parts that work together. When each part of that system is in proper working order, the system runs smoothly. When any one part begins to fail or is damaged, it puts strain and wear on the other pieces of this complicated machine and can lead to a domino effect of repair and expense.

Having your engine diagnosed and serviced by a Viking Auto of Chantilly, VA ASE Certified technician at the first sign of trouble saves the vehicle from further problems and higher repair costs.

One way to stay on top of engine care is to pay heed to your check engine/service engine soon light:

  • If the light is flashing, take in for diagnostics immediately – this indicates a serious problem
  • If the light is steady, it still indicates a problem and you should bring the vehicle in for a diagnostic code test.

There are other indications that your engine is suffering problems that may or may not result in dashboard indication lights.

Come in for an engine check if:

  • the engine stalls
  • you hear noises such as clicking, tapping, or knocking
  • the car is emitting unusual odors

Proper maintenance of your vehicle can help you avoid engine problems and repairs. This includes maintenance beyond the recommended oil change schedule and includes:

  • replacing the timing belt according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule
  • maintaining radiator hoses and replacing any that are aged or cracked
  • regularly checking and maintaining fluid levels
  • addressing coolant and other leaks

Don’t hesitate to address engine concerns – call Viking Auto today and have your engine diagnosed before a small problem becomes a big one.