Factory Scheduled Maintenance (30, 60, 90 and 120k) Services In Chantilly, VA

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory scheduled maintenance is important to extend the life of your vehicle and improve or sustain its performance. Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA performs factory scheduled maintenance in accordance with your vehicle’s factory standards.

The intervals at which maintenance is required varies by manufacturer. Most manufacturers recommend maintenance in intervals.

Common Intervals:

  • 30,000: radiator hoses, HVAC, suspension, brake pads, and coolant, as well as air filter and power steering fluid, and tire replacement is not uncommon
  • 35,000: battery check and possible replacement
  • 40,000: check spark plugs and wires and replace if necessary, ignition system inspection, suspension inspection
  • 60,000: timing belt, brake pads, brake fluid, coolant, radiator hoses, and power steering fluid may all be replaced and HVAC, tire, and suspension are inspected
  • 120,000: all of the above are checked, as are oil, filters, and fluids

The above recommendations are general and may not apply to your car’s actual condition. Our expert service technicians will perform a diligent inspection of your car and assess if repairs or replacements are needed. Remember that maintenance is preventative and helps you avoid more expensive repairs.

Extend the life of your car or truck by calling Viking Automotive today to make an appointment for your scheduled maintenance today.