Oil Change Professionals in Chantilly, VA

oil change services

As you drive your car between oil changes, particles of debris from the road, dust from the air, and dirt and wear from lubricating your engine form a gritty mess. Having your oil and filter changed by Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA will keep your engine well lubricated and running smoothly.

Local climate and driving conditions in Chantilly contribute to the recommendation that your vehicle’s oil should be changed every 3000 miles.

In addition to mileage, you should also watch for these signs that it is time to change your oil:

  • Particles: do not assume that because oil is dark that it needs to be changed. Oil tends to darken quickly within the first few weeks after a change. Look for a grittiness to the oil that indicates that it has been contaminated by dirt or debris.
  • Loud engine: if you start to hear noises that seem abnormal or your engine is just running more loudly than usual, it could mean that gunky oil is not lubricating your engine parts properly and they are grinding together.
  • Check engine light: older cars that do not have an oil gauge light may at times turn on the check engine light if the engine is not being lubricated properly.
  • Oil level is low: if your oil level is low and you don’t notice signs of a leak and the dipstick indicates that the oil is gunky or gritty, it’s time for an oil change. When you go a long time between changes, the engine uses up the oil and the level goes down.

Extend the life of your engine and enhance the performance of your vehicle by being mindful of these signs and keeping track of the mileage added since your last oil change.

Bring your vehicle into Viking Automotive for oil changes on a 3 month or 3000-mile basis to maintain the integrity of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs down the road.