Volkswagen Audi Timing Belt Service

Timing belt replacements are costly, but NOT replacing it will cost even more. On a VW or Audi it is important to replace not only the timing belt, but also the tensioner and idler pulleys and water pump. Depending on the model, there may also be dampeners and seals that need replacing while the belt is off. You may even find that there are oil leaks from cam seals that need to be repaired and require the belt to be removed. Leaking cam seals can allow motor oil to get on the timing belt or pulleys, which may cause the belt to jump. Once it jumps, or breaks for that matter, then the engine will bend multiple valves. That will necessitate an expensive valve job in addition to your timing belt replacement.

Also, it is important to use Genuine Audi and Volkswagen parts. At Viking Automotive, we only use Genuine VW & Audi parts when performing a timing belt service.

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