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Tires Service

You’ve heard that over-inflation and the size and type of your tires can have an effect on your fuel economy. Did you know that other factors like rotation can as well? Viking Automotive of Chantilly, VA offers tire replacement, repair, and rotation. WE SELL ALL TIRES!

Having your tires regularly maintained, or your tires replaced when they are worn are important factors in optimizing your vehicle’s overall performance and the amount of money you dole out every year in transportation costs.

Here’s how to determine when your tires need to be repaired, rotated, or replaced:

Tire Rotation

  • Generally every 3000-7000 miles, or every other oil change
  • Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have a specific schedule recommendation
  • This step done regularly will greatly extend the life of your tires and help avoid other services and repairs


  • There is a DOT code on the sidewall – look it up online to see the year of the tire’s manufacture. Tires should be inspected by a professional once a year after they are five years old
  • Use the penny test to check tread: stick a penny in between the treads with Abe’s head facing down. If the tread does not reach the top of Abe’s head, bring the tire to Viking Auto for an inspection to see if your tires are road safe.
  • If your tire has any visible splitting, abnormalities, perforations, or cuts, bring the tire in for an inspection by a professional to see if the tire needs to be repaired or replaced.

Remember that tire repairs are inexpensive. Never drive on tires that are damaged – bring them in for an inspection. A timely tire repair might save the expense of new tires and increases your personal safety.

Get peace of mind and increase your vehicle’s performance by stopping in to Viking Auto for a tire inspection, or call us today to schedule your tire replacement or rotation.