Volkswagen Experts in Chantilly, VA

We know Volkswagen and excel at VW auto repair. You likely wouldn’t call the guy down the street who built his kid a decent tree fort to put an addition on your home unless he was a certified builder. Likewise, you shouldn’t trust your VW with the neighborhood mechanic, unless that neighborhood mechanic happens to be a specialist. We’ve got the best VW repair mechanics at Viking Automotive in Chantilly, VA. We can provide the technical, certification and skill you need close to your home with the friendly, honest service you expect close to home. VW is high performing German engineering that requires the state-of-the-art technology, techniques and technicians we provide. Our VW repair mechanics will get you back to tearing up the pavement or just battling the morning commute in record time with repairs and service that you can trust and which upholds all VW safety standards, factory warranties, and crash test requirements.

Any work performed at Viking Automotive, the best authorized VW and Foreign auto repair shop in the area, adheres all to quality standards set forth by VW. Providing VW repair, as well as preventative work is what we do all day long, and we pride ourselves in returning your vehicle to you in better shape than when you brought it in. No matter the type of work you require, a VW repair mechanic will provide a full inspection on your vehicle and use the most advanced technology to diagnose and restore your VW’s top performance. We use only VW genuine parts and fluids to maintain the standard of excellence set by the company and expected by VW owners worldwide.

Our repair facility is able to service and repair a multitude of issues you may have with your VW. We offer routine inspections, standard tune-ups, and regular preventative services like oil changes, fluid checks and replacement, and tire alignments. Even these every day and simple procedures should be handled by a certified VW repair mechanic who understands the innovative technology present in your VW. Certainly more extensive repairs to electric systems or bodywork must be handled by a company which thoroughly understands VW auto repair and can guarantee that all parts and materials used will function to perfection in your vehicle. Viking can and does. Whether your VW repair is due to everyday wear and tear on heavily used systems like the brakes or you require extensive VW auto repair on mechanics damaged in an accident, we guarantee our work.

When you are in need of VW service, go to a certified and trusted VW repair station like Viking Automotive. We’ve been serving your neighborhood VW’s for years with the finest in technology and service. Come see the standard of care we set and uphold for your German luxury vehicle. Our technicians are ready to welcome you and answer all of your repair questions.