The name Volvo is from latin, the translation is ‘I roll’. Every Volvo has a story. Even the name has a story.

From 1974 when Volvo introduced the 240 the word VOLVO was iconic. Over 2.8million 240 sedans and wagons had been produced. It was a simple car, a safe car, and it was meant to last. Volvos idea was to build a car with a service life of 18 years, and there are still quite a few out there, refusing to quit. Then came the 700 and 900 series sedans & wagons, they too were built to be durable. In 1993 Volvo introduced the 850. This was an entirely new design for Volvo and would lead the way for several more generations. Its’ front wheel drive would forever replace rear wheel driven Volvos. Ultimately Volvo would introduce several models from the S40, S60, and S80 sedans to the V50, V70 wagons and their all wheel drive vehicles, the XC70 and XC90 Cross Country. Still to this day you can guarantee that if your driving a Volvo you are in one of the safest cars out there. Finally, we may even see a hybrid Volvo in the near future. Under development, among other things, Volvo is working on a Diesel Electric V60.

Here at Viking Automotive, we have been specializing in Volvo Service and repairs since the company was founded in 1988.

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