Volvo Timing belt

Timing belt replacement can be costly, and NOT replacing it can cost you even more. Depending on the service interval when a timing belt is replaced, so should the tensioner and water pump. The reason, the timing belt tensioner will wear over time and if the bearing fails it can cause the belt to jump. Once it jumps, or breaks for that matter, then the engine will bend multiple valves. That will necessitate an expensive valve job in addition to your timing belt replacement. Rarely, a water pump bearing can fail, causing the same outcome as above. The best reason for replacing the water pump at the same time is the labor cost. In order to replace the water pump, the timing belt must be removed. Your water pump may not be leaking at the time of the timing belt service but will most likely not survive till your 2nd timing belt job, which could be between 210,000 & 240,000 miles depending on the model you drive.

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