When to change my oil? Car manufacturers have varying oil change intervals but according to your car’s service manual if you meet any one of the following criteria then this is considered ‘Severe use’

Cold weather, less than 10 degrees
Extreme heat, more than 90 degrees
Extreme humidity
Towing a trailer or hauling heavy materials
Repeated short-distance trips of less than five miles
Extensive idling or in stop-and-go traffic

Most of us meet at least one of these criteria, if not several. So why would you want to go 7500, or 10,000 miles on an oil change? Even if your oil were able to last 10,000 miles it is going to be carrying contaminants and over time will build up sludge in your engine. Synthetic oils are better in this respect but will not stop the formation of sludge over time. Synthetics won’t break down under normal temperatures where a conventional oil would but under hard use they will still break down. Moisture or condensation which doesn’t get cooked off by only driving short trips will also cause the build up of sludge to occur faster. Turbos also are harder on oil and will cause oils to break down faster than conventional aspirated engines.

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